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Stump grinding & stump removal

very large stump from tree we cut down in Goochland Va.

 When trees are cut down and a stump is left behind.  it could take a considerable amout of time for it to decompose naturally.  It is best to have the stump ground away as to prevent insect infestation and new growth sprouting up.  We use a stump grinder to remove the base of the tree. What you have left is a mound of saw dust and dirt that feels the recess area of the ground.

Tree trimming and pruning

chain saw in tree trimming pine tree

Trees that grow close to a home or business will tend to stretch out over a roof or drive way to reach the best light. This can put buildings and cars at risk of damage from falling dead limbs or trees them selves. We can help you protect your personal property and family by dead wooding and pruning such trees. Proper pruning of limbs and trees can equalize balance and negate some of the risk and help to maintain good overall health of the tree.

Tree removal & dead limb removal

Sometimes the tree just can not be saved. Insects such as Carpenter Ants can destroyed inside cambian layer of the tree. Leaving the tree living on the outside layers. A storm with high winds comes along and the tree comes down not in a controlled manner. This is not what we want. Lightning striking a tree most often kills the tree, mulch pile high around the base of the tree can rot its base, these are just a few of the reasons tree can die. Spotting insect infestation and early detection of some of these problems can make a difference.

Storm Clean up

bucket truck with chipper

We all know what a burden hurricanes thunderstorms and tornadoes and high winds can be for us here in Richmond, Virginia. We have certainly seen her share of storm damage. We have the men and equipment to deal with this damage quickly and efficiently. We have cranes, dump trucks, bobcat loaders, wood chippers and stump grinders.

Crane Assisted Tree Removal

The tree removal process starts by finding a place to set the crane up. This place must have enough room to accommodate the footprint of the outriggers and be reasonably level. It must also be within the safe operating radius of the trees because over reach for a crane can be devastating. Load, reach and placement are just some of the many crucial aspects to consider with crane assisted tree removal. The use of a crane to lessen the impact storm damage has on your trees

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Some of the reasons for pruning trees, diseased branches can sometimes be removed before they infect the rest of the tree. Dead or broken branches can be removed before insects burrow inside to cause problems.

Pruning also alleviates potentially hazardous situations. Trimming branches that threaten property help to avoids serious problems. Large dead or dangling branches should be removed, as well as branches that could interfere with vehicles or lawn mowers. Branches that contact the house on windy days should be cut before they cause damage.

Tree removed from roof of house with large crane

Tree removal and stump grinding

When a tree is damaged or diseased it is important to cut it down and removed it. We take down trees with the least amount of impact to your property.

Removal of over hanging limbs

We sometimes have to remove limbs that hang over the roof or yard because they threaten the house, encourage squirrel and over shadow the lawn.

Tree pruning and dead wooding

Removing specific branches or stems to benefit the entire tree. Remove dead, damaged and diseased branches to help prevent insect and decay. We call this dead wooding. Thin the canopy on a tree to increase air and sunlight.

24hr emergency tree service and storm damage

Hurricanes, ice storms, snow storms even high winds can bring down trees and limbs on a house, fence, garage. Day or night we are here and we answer the phone.

Tree trimming

We recommend necessary tree pruning and trimming to keep your trees looking good and healthy.  Over time, the controlled growth of branches and limbs can lead to structural weaknesses of the tree. 

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